Red Marker Lights

By Rich Merten

Here is a little DIY project you might be interested in making

I liked the red marker lights that Art Schneider made up for Okie-Tex a couple months ago.  So I went over to Walmart and picked up some for myself.

Only problem with solar powered markers is, they turn on in the dark and the batteries discharge. Storing them in a box assures that they will be dead when you need them.  So I made a little switch to easily turn them off once they are fully charged.

Just cut out a little plastic tab to these dimensions and place it into the slot that the original paper spacer was in.. You can then push it up to disconnect the battery or pull it back to let the battery connect and turn on the lamp.  The ears on the tab prevent it from pulling completely out so it can't get lost.  The plastic is stiff enough and thin enough to be used many times without breaking.  Here are the dimensions.

I made the tab out of a light weight plastic Pet Smart loyalty keychain card and put it into the slot that the original paper tape battery isolator was in. Measurements are not all that critical.

Next you need to get some red, translucent plastic to line the inside and bottom of the lamp.  I found a red notebook divider/pocket in the office section at Walmart.  One divider has enough plastic to probably do about a dozen lights.


Now just let the batteries charge up in the sun then push the tab in to isolate the battery.  Toss the lamps in your accessory box and they are ready for your next trip.

Cost of Materials:

Small Marker Lamp  $0.98 ea.

Red Plastic notebook divider  $0.98

Plastic Switch Material  $0.00  (any old piece credit card thickness plastic)

A good rainy day project