Okie-Tex 2015

Video By Jim Chase

Jim Chase created this super slideshow/video of Okie-Tex 2015, including a dusk till dawn fisheye view of the sky. It runs through Vimeo which can sometimes stop mid stream.  If it does, just click ahead in the timeline a few seconds and it will usually continue.  Also running it a second time can clear the problem.

Jim says:

My camera was a Nikon D90, tripod mounted with a Rokkor 10.5mm "fisheye" lens; frame exposures 25 seconds each with a 5 second delay to the next exposure; ISO=3200. I used the *.jpg setting on the camera (as opposed to *.raw) so the files wouldn't be too big. I used a freeware program called, "DCamCapture" on my laptop PC to control the camera and collect the exposures to the hard drive. The camera ran all night long - sundown to sunup - and took appx 1300 exposures. I used PhotoShop Lightroom to post-process the exposures and spruce them up a little. And then I used Photodex ProShow Producer to splice them together and create the show.

Just click on the picture below to go to Jim's video.