Partial Eclipse of 10/23/2014 as seen from Northern Colorado

by Rich Merten

The sky over Northern Colorado was unfortunately not as cloudless as Amarillo and most of the High Planes.  The weather did co-operate somewhat for the first half of the show and 8 club astronomers and over 80 general public folks turned out at Fossil Creek Reservoir on the east side of Loveland.  Along with the eclipse was a great cluster of sunspots.  Probably as large a group as I've seen anytime in the last few spotless years.

The first picture is a pre-eclipse view of the slow moving clouds we were dealing with most of the afternoon.  The next two are of the growing intrusion of the moon.  The final picture is the last semi-usable one as the clouds encroached.

The camera with solar filter was mounted piggyback on a LX200.

All in all it was a nice get together on an unusually warm fall afternoon.


About 10 min. before first contact.


A few min. after first contact


Last good picture before clouds move in.


Too many clouds.