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Mercury Transit 2016


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Mercury Transit 5-9-2016

Click on the Read More button to see a few of the photos that our members have taken of the May transit of Mercury.  From a simple IPhone snapshot through a white light filter to a high end H-Alpha shot of Old Sol in all its convoluted splendor.

Contributors are:  Art Schneider - IPhone shot thru the eyepiece.  Rich Merten - Panasonic DMC- FZ35 mounted piggyback on tracking scope.  Terry Zimmerman - 12-1/2"  with DSLR using 2x power mate and photographic Paracorr.  Nick Black - H-Alpha filter.  I have also added a link to a great NASA video.



Okie-Tex 2015 by Jim Chase


Monday, 15 February 2016 16:52

Jim Chase created this super slideshow/video of Okie-Tex 2015, including a dusk till dawn fisheye view of the sky. It runs through Vimeo which can sometimes stop mid stream.  If it does, just click ahead in the timeline a few seconds and it will usually continue.  Also running it a second time can clear the problem.

Jim says:

My camera was a Nikon D90, tripod mounted with a Rokkor 10.5mm "fisheye" lens; frame exposures 25 seconds each with a 5 second delay to the next exposure; ISO=3200.  I used the *.jpg setting on the camera (as opposed to *.raw) so the files wouldn't be too big.  I used a freeware program called, "DCamCapture" on my laptop PC to control the camera and collect the exposures to the hard drive.  The camera ran all night long - sundown to sunup - and took appx 1300 exposures.  I used PhotoShop Lightroom to post-process the exposures and spruce them up a little.  And then I used Photodex ProShow Producer to splice them together and create the show.  

Just click on the picture below to go to Jim's video.


Venus and the Moon


Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 February 2016 13:05 Written by Joe Tepera Tuesday, 15 December 2015 11:10

Picture and Text by Joe Tepra  --  December 7, 2015

I was able to get several photographs of Venus approaching occultation with the moon on December 7th. We were in Chimayo, New Mexico about an hour north of Santa Fe and just east of EspaƱola. The resulting photograph shown here was made using the 300 mm zoom lens attached to my Canon Rebel T3i camera. I did use the crop function and contrast function in the Pisca 3 software to sharpen up the raw photo and sharpen up the image.

The time stamp on the photograph is 2015-12-07 10:28 CST (ca). (Note: the camera clock was left on CST even though I was in MST at the time of the photograph.)



Partial Solar Eclipse


Partial Eclipse of 10/23/2014 as seen from Northern Colorado

by Rich Merten

The sky over Northern Colorado was unfortunately not as cloudless as Amarillo and most of the High Planes.  The weather did co-operate somewhat for the first half of the show and 8 club astronomers and over 80 general public folks turned out at Fossil Creek Reservoir on the east side of Loveland.  Along with the eclipse was a great cluster of sunspots.  Probably as large a group as I've seen anytime in the last few spotless years.

The first picture is a pre-eclipse view of the slow moving clouds we were dealing with most of the afternoon.  The next two are of the growing intrusion of the moon.  The final picture is the last semi-usable one as the clouds encroached.

The camera with solar filter was mounted piggyback on a LX200.

All in all it was a nice get together on an unusually warm fall afternoon.



DIY Red Marker Lamps


Written by Rich Merten

Here is a little DIY project you might be interested in making

I liked the red marker lights that Art Schneider made up for Okie-Tex a couple months ago.  So I went over to Walmart and picked up some for myself.


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